Review Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"

As soon as you pick up the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9'', the first thing you will notice is how lightweight it is. With a display of 8.9 inches and weighing only 376 grams, it manages a great balance in size and weight.

3 Best Android Phones for 2014

You might be thinking of getting a new android Smartphone but for which one is still unsolved. The ever increasing production of phones in the market, really confuses most of the people. The budget, performance, durability

How to Side Load Apps on Kindle Fire HDX (Step by Step)

Kindle Fire - United States

To install non Amazon apps on your kindle fire, you need to side load apps on this device. Find these tips to learn how to side load apps and allow non Amazon apps onto your kindle fire.

How to Get Ringtones on Your Cingular GoPhone

AT&T - United States

The GoPhone by AT&T, formerly accessible through Cingular, propose full cellular functionality for customers using prepaid billing plan, which means they can charge their account ahead and can avoid contracts.

Guidelines to Install Linksys Wireless Router (Step by Step)

Linksys - United States

A famous brand of computer networking products, Linksys provides wired and wireless routers for the computers. They can be used in both home and office and the reason behind popularity of these products is high quality and plug and play settings.

Guidelines to Get Free Minutes for AT&T

AT&T - United States

It feels horrible for cell phones users to run out of talk time. Almost every phone comes up with a feature that alerts you if you are low or running out of minutes. Numbers of cell phone carriers are out there to choose

How to Unlock Your AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone (Step by Step)

AT&T - United States

People who are using AT&T cellular services and like their present cell phone have to switch to different wireless carrier due to poor coverage, non availability of services or getting to a new place. The problem arises when the person does not wish to change cell phone.

Top 3 Android Tablets (Latest Edition 2014)

Android tablets are high in demand and deciding on which one to go for is a daunting task. Like the android smartphones, tablets are also popular especially among youngsters. Playing games, browsing the internet.

An Overall Review of HTC One M8

HTC - United States

HTC is well known for producing innovative and well equipped smartphones and that is why HTC one was awarded as the best selling and most awarded handset. This powerful handset is no doubt the best phone.

Easy Steps to Install AT&T High Speed Internet

AT&T - United States

You can't imagine living without going online and surfing stuff related to your work at home or office. Probably the most reliable and high speed internet provided by AT&T is a way to go for your internet.

3 Ways to Install Android Apps Manually on Mobile Phone & Tablets

It is a straight forward process to install android apps from play store. You just have to search for the desired app, click install and enjoy using it after it is completely installed. However, there are times when you can't find the newly released app in the market.

5 Must Have Security Apps for iPhone

iPhone - United States

Many times we get oblivious towards the security of our iPhones, but the hackers don't. They always keep trying to polish their expertise in the department of theft. Following are the few apps to keep your iPhone from the stealth of its data

Most Reliable 4G LTE Network
Verizn FOis Speed Commercial

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