Apple's Next Generation iPads Will Come with Anti-Reflection Displays

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According to Bloomberg, Apple is ready to launch new iPhones and iPads. Bloomberg has reported that Apple is preparing to launch two iPads of different sizes.

Learn How to Log In to Google Webmail Via a Third Party

Now even without opening your browser third party email applications let you check your Google webmail. Thanks to the application you can have all the recent messages downloaded to your desktop.

T-Mobile's Pay as You Go plan made simple.

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It happens to all of us that sometimes pay-per-use cellphone plans are really very confusing, because depending on whether you're texting or calling, or how much cash you have put on your account, the rates can change. T-Mobile has tried to make things simple for you by launching Pay as You Go plan.

HTC's Desire 816 phone is about to hit US market on August 12, 2014

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If you feel yourself attracted to HTC's Desire 816 you don't need an importer to get you one in the US. The reason is that now you can have your favorite Desire 816, 5.5 inch Android phone, on August 12, for $299

Why is Comcast's Customer Service so Terrible?

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Watch this exclusive video form The Verge. Why is Comcast's customer service so bad?

Now With T-Mobile's App You Can Unlock Your Phone

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Now cell phone unlocking has been officially approved by United States government. It means that unlocking a cell phone will not remain an issue anymore. Now you are not required to talk with company's customer services representative to get your phone unlocked. With T-Mobile's new app you can unlock your phone yourself. There is one problem that this app is available on the Samsung Galaxy Avant only.

Oppo Find 7 Review

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Oppo Find 7 Review: The smartphone market has become overcrowded with the advent of many players who want a share of the pie. Each one of the important players in the market has at least one flagship product that catches the imagination of the common buyer. The Chinese phone manufacturing firm, Oppo has the Find 7.

Study Picasso at Apple University to Design Better Products

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The New York Times has given us an insight into Apple's secretive training program also known as "Apple University." At Apple University new entrants are encouraged to study courses in the program, originally created by Steve Jobs so that employees may adopt themselves according to the company's history and culture.

Now Your Lost Android Phone Can Call You

How many of you know that there is a built-in system in your Android to locate or lock if you lost your phone? Google failed to market it well but the truth is this system is built-in since Android 4.4* was released.

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 and 8 Review

ASUS Memo Pad HD 7 is a low-end Android tablet produced and marketed by a Taiwanese company. It was made available for sale in July 2013. It became a sleeper hit instantly upon its release. The device didn't feature high speed like the Nexus 7, or the interface of the Galaxy Tab 3, however, it was very well balanced.

AMD Getting Prepared to Enter the SSD Business

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AMD is making a lot computer component, so it is very strange to know that the company has not yet explored the solid-state drive space. The good news is that this fact is going to change very soon. AMD is finally prepared to enter into the business of making solid-state drives.

Apple iPad Air, The Best Tablet You Can Buy

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It was year 2010 when Apple introduced iPad for the first time. Today different companies are making tablets in different sizes. Tablets are simple to use and you don't need any keyboard or mouse. Different people use their tablets differently, the most common uses are playing games, reading news and articles and watching movies for hours. People prefer those tablets which are not heavyweight, perfectly built and give you access to innumerable applications. People use tablets for hours so they want a kind of tablet which lets them do their work for hours without worrying about its charging.