CenturyLink Offers 5 Years High Speed Internet Plan with Fixed Price


Get CenturyLink high speed internet for $ 19.95/month for 5 years without any contract and additional price with money back guarantee. Lock in to speeds up to 12 Mbps for just $19.95 a month when you bundle with the Home Phone Unlimited Plan. Check the plans details bellow.

High-Speed Internet

Get consistent speed – up to 12 Mbps for just $19.95 a month

CenturyLink Internet

This is an amazing internt plan for internet users with no rising monthly rate for 5 years allow users to surf high speed internet with fixed rates. Consistently fast connection with download speeds of up to 12 Mbps so you can stream, game, and video conference and private, direct connection to our national network.

Home Phone Unlimited

Talk all day, every day, anywhere in America. This is another superb phone plan from Centurylink allow customers unlimited Local Calling & Unlimited Nationwide Calling. Unlimited Calling Features — like Voicemail and Caller ID and Reliable 911 emergency service and works with most home security systems with crystal clear voice. So if you want to avail this amazing plan, just click on the link above and open promotion page of Centurylink websites. Click on the button "Check Availability" if CenturyLink offer these plans in your area.

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