How to Download Free AT&T Ringtones on Your Cell Phone


Learn how to download AT&T Ringtones Free from websites for your cell phone. You can also send ringtones as a gift to your friends.. AT&T customers can also buy ringtones for their mobile phones from its website. Wireless clients can likewise search and download on the Internet free of charge AT&T ringtones. Using credit card for ringtones and downloading from a new site may not more attractive as compare to freebies, however. AT&T clients have the choice of making ringtones for their phones on the web. Doing so gives you the option of transferring your top choice sound files into an AT&T ringtone free of charge.

Download from the Mobile Web

To download from mobile website, just head off to Select Ringtones, Ringback Tones, Games, Applications or Wallpapers, then select the title of the download you might want to buy. Select Get It and afterward Buy. The download will be sent to your cell phone and charges will show up on your bill.

Download from Your myAT&T Account

Go to the Phone/Device page in my AT&T.
Select the Browse Ringtones, Browse Games, or Browse Applications link to download apps or wallpapers.
Select Buy to purchase a download.

Download Free Ringtones (Step by Step)

Start by knowing which tune on your computer you need to make into an At&t ringtone.
Open the Myxer web page by click here on Download Free Ringtones.

Click "Browse." Search for the tune that you choose in step one. Double click that music file and after that click "Upload." A notice will play. When it is carried out, another rectangular window will open on the Web page.

Move the area of the shaded box within the animation at the top of the rectangular window. Do this by clicking within the box and after that dragging it to the left or right. Moving the box will change when the At&t ringtone starts.

In the next step you have to click inside the "Length" box. Sort in a number. This number will be what number of seconds the At&t ringtone will run after the approaching call heads off to your voice mail. Most ringtones go no less than 15 seconds and no more amazing than 30 seconds.

Follow the directions that show up on the screen for saving the AT&T ringtone to your cell phone. These directions differ for different mobile phones. You can likewise find instructions for your particular AT&T phone by clicking the "Download Instructions" interface in the Resources segment.

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