Check Verizon DSL Broadband Internet Speed, FiOS Speed Test Online


If your Verizon Broadband internet is slow, test your Internet Speed with Verizon's accurate broadband speed test tool online to improve internet performance. Verizon, most popular internet service provider in United States, offers DSL membership  with download speeds that depends on your monthly usage as per your subscription plan. While DSL packages might boast of download speeds from 1 to 7 megabits for every second (Mbs), you truly won't able to know the real speed is unless you perform a speed check. There are various websites that offer the test tool as a free service. In spite of the fact that Verizon's site incorporates a speed check tool, you can effortlessly get a second opinion from an alternate site.

Check Verizon Internet SpeeVerizon Internet Speed Testd

Open by click the red link above. Clicking the "Check My Speed" button. Click the "Continue" button and an progress report will be shown on the website page. The point when the test is finalized, the outcomes will be shown in two charts, one for the download speed and one for the upload transfer speed. The green bars demonstrate how your internet performed as per provided DSL Packages.

Visit This site offers a more "genuine" results dependent upon longer distance. Click either the proposed site or different areas (showed by the blue stars or pyramids). has a graphical presentation much as a speedometer that shows comes about all around the testing phase, giving a last report of the speeds achieved throughout the test.

Inspite of all above, if you feel that your internet is slow and are not abole to download or stream your favorite movies and music, just call Verizon DSL department helpline to resolve your isslue.

A few things to keep in mind for accurate Speed Test results:

The Verizon Speed Check tool will show accurate results when your computer or laptop is connected into the router with an Ethernet cable.  Internet speed will vary based on network or Internet utilization, your laptop or computer, your browser, your use of FiOS TV Video On Demand service and the wiring inside your location.

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