Easy Steps to Check Your Roger's Wireless Voice Mail


As a Rogers Wireless client, you can check your voice mail messages whenever you want easily and quickly. The point when your telephone line is occupied or you are unable to answer your calls, callers are redirected to your voice message mail. The caller leaves a voice message that could be listen at a later time. You can check your Rogers Wireless voice mail from your cell phone or an alternate telephone at whenever.

Step by Step Guide
From the Rogers Wireless Phone

Press and hold down the "1" key on your Rogers Wireless telephone. Listen for the welcome and enter your password when incited. Listen to the messages and press the "End" key when you are done.

From Another Phone Just Dial your Rogers Wireless phone number from a landline or cell phone. Press the "#" key when the welcome starts to play. Enter your passcode when required and listen to your messages.

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