Verizon Broadband Internet FiOS Speed Test - Download & Upload Speed


Test your FiOS internet Speed to determine download and upload speed and improve quality and performance of Verizon internet. Fios high speed Internet is a fiber optic Internet service offered by Verizon. The company officially guarantees speeds of up to 20 Mb/second, which is six times faster than normal link and DSL Internet speeds. While under optimal conditions these rates may be conceivable, FiOS, for instance other fast Internet services, is subject to other factors which influence speed, like system traffic, distance between internet provider switch and the router of the user and weather conditions. Testing your genuine FiOS speed is a straightforward matter of running an Internet speed test to determine the real download and upload speed.

Using Verizon FiOS Speed Test Tool

Click on the link Verizon Speed Test
Click on "Check my Speed," then click on "Continue." To perform a speed test, select the server location and select the Continue button. A dashboard screen will appear in the middle the screen where you can see the upload and download speed performance.

FiOS Speed Test Using Speedtest.Net

Open web browser on your computer. Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer are two of the most mainstream browsers these days, however the test will work with any web browser software.

Now go to is an Internet speed testing online tool with test internet servers all over the world.

Press the button at the top of the screen that says "Begin Test." A little window will show up close to the bottom of the page that let you see the internet performance. The website will test upload and download speed. After completion of the test, The results will be shown on the screen with complete details.

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