Download and Install Skype on iPod Torch (Step by Step)


How to download and install Skype on iPod Torch easily and quickly with our step by step guide to make video and voice calls and send instant messaging from you iPod to any other device.

Install Skype on iPodThe iPod Touch, Apple's melodious multimedia player, comes with a very nice clumsy touch-screen display, two cameras, a microphone and speaker, and can be connected with the Internet by means of Wi-Fi. When you install the free Skype application on your iPod Touch, you can make video and voice calls and instant messaging to keep in touch with your friends and family anywhere in the world without any cost. Use the Skype application on your iPod Touch to speak with other people using Skype on their smartphones or a computer running the Skype app. You can easily download and install Skype on your iPod Touch.

Download Skype for iPod Torch
Skype for iPod Torch

How to Install

In the first step, just press the "Home" button, at the lower end of your ipod Touch screen.

Now you have to connect your iPod device with internet. Press the "Settings" symbol on the home screen, then press "General." Tap "Wi-Fi" and press the "Wi-Fi" option to "On." press the "Ask to Join Networks" option to "On" to set the ipod Touch to immediately look for Wi-Fi systems. Head off to an area inside the sweep of a Wi-Fi system and type the password at the prompt, if needed, to connect with the Internet by means of Wi-Fi.

Now Press the "Home" button to back to the iPod's home screen and Press the "App Store" symbol. Tap "Search." Type "Skype" in the search box and afterward tap "Search" once more. Tap "Skype" from the search results.

Tap "Free" which seems by the Skype application. Tap "Install" and after that enter your Apple ID. The Skype app for iPod downloads and install on your iPod Touch easily and quickly. The Skype application icon shows up on the device home screen. Tap and open Skype, enter Skype ID and password to sign in but if you don't have your username and password, You have to register your account to use Skype app on your iPhod.


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