How to Login Comcast Xfinity Router/Modem


Learn how to Login Comcast router with username and password to access internet on your computer easily and quickly with our Comcast Modem step by step guide. A High speed Internet modem is the apparatus used to connect your Pc's network card to your Comcast web connection. So if you want to access internet on your computer, logging into this modem is essential for certain troubleshooting methods, empowering you to see if the modem is legitimately sending and receiving data to the Internet. Fulfill this by accessing the modem through your Internet browser.

Comcast Xfinit route login

Click "Start" on the machine connected to (or joined through a switch or router) to the modem. Click "Programs" and open your Internet program, i.e. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Enter "" in the Internet Explorer address bar. This is the access address for most Comcast routers. Try "" or "" if you have any other model of Comcast modem.

In the next step, just press button "Enter" to enter username and password if required. Contact your local Comcast ISP for the username and password for your modem, or try the following combinations: "username: root," "password: root;" "username: admin," "password: motorola;" "username: admin," "password: w2402;" "username: cusadmin," "password: highspeed" or "username: <blank>", "password: icu4at!" Now your Comcast Modem is fully functional and connected with your computer. You can enjoy high speed internet, browse internet, stream videos and watch movies with Comcast High speed internet.


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