Verizon MotoMaker is Ready to Launch, Beta Goes Live on Verizon's Website


Verizon MotoMaker

A week ago, different sources confirmed to us that Motorola might make its Motomaker service accessible to the Verizon form of the Moto X on November 11. Today, a presentation page for the device with notice of the phone being "designed by you with more than 2,000 different combinations went live, everything except re-confirming that tomorrow should be the day. It's at present demonstrating as being briefly out of stock, yet that is likely since everything isn't exactly prepared yet. Assuming that you journey over to, you won't see Verizon yet mentioned in the lsit as a choice.

The landing page gives us the initial feel a custom Moto Xs with Verizon branding on them. The At&t custom versions have their logo globe towards the bottom, while Verizon is with its standard "Verizon" logo. It even shows up as though Motorola is bringing back for the backside, something that was executed preceding start while Moto worked on improving the process.


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