How to Sign Up Email?


Centurylink email is an additional value added service, provided by Centurylink to its customers. User can easily access their email account to send and receive email messages. Setting up an account with Ceenturylink is not as hard as you think. Upon sign-up, customers quickly can set up their email in addition to optional web pages.

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You need to sign up with dial-up service if you haven't done so already. You can request online for new service or by calling the toll free number at 877-SURF-CTL. Open your email client program. The systems which work with email such as Outlook Express, Internet Mail, Mac's Mail directly on your PC or Mac systems.

Set up another account or make another email address assuming that you recently have an email account the preferences or choices tab in these programs to gain entrance to Accounts in these message programs or Identity provided that you are using Netscape. Your message location will be and you should remember to enter this as the email alias. You may be asked to enter your full name and a password in addition.


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