CenturyLink Acquired Tier 3, A Seattle-Based Cloud Computing & Management Company


CenturyLink reportedly acquired Tier 3, the infrastructure, platform and advanced cloud management center to build out its cloud. With this development, Tier 3 will come to be part of the CenturyLink Cloud. Seattle will serve as the base camp for the new Century Link Cloud bunch. Seattle is turning into a magnet for cloud service providers. Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Google Compute all have operations in the Seattle area.

The acquisition of Tier 3 is basically for Centurylink to extend its infrastructure offerings, which it offers through Savvis. CenturyLink already Acquired Savvis in 2011. CenturyLink will integrate its 3 data centers with Savvis's 55 data centers. Tier3 additionally has a PaaS offering called Web Fabric  that is based on Cloud Foundry, the open Paas now supervised by Pivotal. Tier is known for its ability to manage complex workflows. It has the hard core characteristics of a cloud service. It is adaptable, versatile, a self-service cloud service brought together by a management interface.

The management of complex computer systems, middleware, and services offered by Tier 3 gives Centurylink a standout amongst the most modern infrastructures in the business.  It will facilitate Centurylink to integrate its Qwest hosting, Savvis co-location and Tier 3 framework cloud service into one bundle. Appfog will be included to work top of the Centurylink cloud environment.

Tier 3 provide Centurylink the capability to go profound in the enterprise.  As I noted, AWS, Google Compute Engine and Windows Azure are all programmable yet a considerable measure of it is manual work to get the services running.


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