How to Send Free SMS Messages to AT&T


Sending a text is a quick approach to convey your message without needing to talk straightforwardly to the recipient. It's not challenging to send sms message to an AT&T Wireless phone. If you don't want to send text message via your cell phone, you can likewise use your computer or tab to send your message to your friends and family.

Step by Step (From AT&T Cell Phone)
  • First, tap the text message icon on your cell phone screen to compose a new SMS text message. The icon will vary depending upon your phone model; it often looks like an yellow or white envelope.

  • In the 2nd step just type in the AT&T wireless number of your friend you wish to text.

  • Now type the message you wish to send.

  • Press the "Send" button.

Your text message will be delivered instatnly from your AT&T cell phone easily.

Step by Step (From Computer)

Sending a text message to AT&T Wireless from your computer is not as hard as you think, just follow these simple steps to deliver your text message to your friends easily and quickly.

  • In the first step, just login to your email account

  • Click the option to compose a new email message

  • Now type the friend's cell phone number along with ( in the "To" field. For example, if your AT&T wireless text recipient's number is 777-333-2323, you will type

  • Write your text message in the box of the email. Please don't writer more than 160 characters because you are sending this message as a text to cell phone.

  • Press send button.


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