Comcast Reportedly Acquired Skydog WiFi Router Maker, PowerCloud Systems

Comcast - United States

Comcast acquired PowerCloud Systems: It is now confirmed from authentic resources that Comcast has surely acquired Powercloud Systems, a spinoff from PARC that created equipment and software program to look after the broadband utilization in your home or office. From what we understand, the acquisition was principally an acquihire and little in Comcast terms, at under $50 million.

PowerCloud Systems

Comcast won't be reviving Skydog or different products from Powercloud. Rather, the thought, from what we understand, will be for Comcast to take some of that new ideas and technology, and the individuals who made it, for them to deal with a greater "smart Internet" strategy. As telecom companies keep on looking for approaches to be more than commoditized bit pipes, this will be part of Comcast's more extensive engineering technology play.

Powercloud Systems, developed and launched in 2008, is a spinoff from the Palo Alto Research Center, the Xerox R&d subsidiary otherwise called PARC. Powercloud got various benefactors including Qualcomm Ventures and Javelin Venture Partners. Crunchbase notes that it has raised at al least $6 million in financing from VCs


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