iPhone 6 Leaked Images & Video

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iPhone 6 leaks have started coming. We are not very far from the official release of iPhone 6. We are given a closer look of Apple's new phone, iPhone 6, in the newly leaked video.

Watch Premium Channel 'Showtime Anytime' on Apple TV

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Now Apple TV lets you watch your favorite live Showtime programs. You can watch on demand Showtime programs on Apple TV, just like HBO Go. We all know that what Showtime cable network is known for, Dexter and Homeland.

Verizon FiOS Residential Customers will Receive Upload Speeds That Match their Download Speeds

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According FiOS, all customers will be receiving the same upload speed as the download speed they have already purchased without paying any extra charges.

AT&T agrees to conditions with feds in $48.5 billion DirecTV purchase

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According to ‘The Post', AT&T has finally agreed with the feds on the conditions to buy DirecTV. It all started in the month of May when AT&T decided to buy DirecTV for $48.5 billion. Currently we don't know about the conditions

HTC Tablet Certified By WiFi Alliance

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Do you remember the last time you saw a tablet by HTC? It is being said that HTC is all set to launch it Nexus 9 tablet. The Flounder, a tablet by HTC running Google's Android L, has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

LG Is Going To Launch A New Round-Faced Smartwatch

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Couple of months ago 3 Android Wear smartwatches were introduced by Google at Google's developer conference. The star of the show was Moto 360.

3 Best New Android Wear Apps

There are a lot of ways to drop your phone and let the screen break. Isn't it better to manage your list of things to do on a gadget strapped to your own wrist? This is actual purpose of Tick Tick Wear's existence. It is in fact a wear version

Amazon Fire Phone Review

Amazon's first ever smartphone - the Fire Phone has been released recently. It is available with a two- year contract. One can either purchase the 32BG version of the Fire Phone for $199 or the 64 GB version of r\the device for $299. Amazon is also offering free Prime service for one year with the Fire Phone.

Samsung Unveils its first Nook tablet for $179

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Samsung Unveils its first Nook tablet for $179: Do you remember the last tablet launched by Barnes & Nobles. The last Nook tablet was seen a couple of years ago. But now it looks like they are back in the tablet market.

Sprint Replies T-Mobile by launching new $60 Unlimited Data Plan

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T-Mobile $60 Unlimited Data Plan: John Legere, CEO T-Mobile, is dreaming of acquiring Sprint in order to become one of the top three carriers of the country before the beginning of new year. But Sprint's new leader does not think that way.

Google Brings Its Popular Android Photo Sphere Camera App to iOS

Thanks to new Google's app that allows you to take panoramic pictures on your iPhone. Now with Photo Sphere, iPhone users can take 360 degree images. It is also being said that the timing of Photo Sphere's arrival on iPhone is also very interesting. In simple words we are not very far from the release of iPhone 6.

Sharp's Aquos Crystal Smartphone for Sprint is Really Eye-Catching

Sprint - United States

Sharp's Aquos Crystal Smartphone for Sprint. We all know that Sharp's FX Plus was not able to make its place in the hearts of the users. But this time Sharp is coming with something really new. The announcement about Aquos Crystal was made by Sharp, Softbank and Sprint.