Learn How to Access and Use AT&T U-Verse Router


How to access your U-Verse Router with our step by step guide. AT&T offers its U-Verse services in an exertion to give solidified digital TV programming, phone access and fast Internet access to home users, through signal residential gateway. The gateway acts as a joined modem and remote switch. Set-top boxes are needed for TV sets in the home. Having the ability to enter a U-Verse router with your portable computer or other Wi-Fi devices is key for enjoying all the benefits that U-Verse has to offer. In this informative tutorial you will learn how to access entrance to a U-Verse router for Internet service or to modify the settings.

Connect to Wireless Internet Service

First find out the remote system (wireless Network) name.
Look for the serial number on the U-Verse router. It will be on a sticker on the back or side of the case.
The last 3 digits of this serial number contain the network company name when combined with "2WIRE." For instance, if the last 3 digits are 888, your remote system name will be "2WIRE888."


Detect automatically to connect your laptop or other device with the network
PC users having Windows Vista or 7 can locate this option in the Network and Sharing Center.
Mac users can find by clicking the Apple logo, pick "System Preferences" and afterward click the Network symbol. Set the Network Location option to Automatic to detect the U-Verse router. See your user guide for directions for all different Wi-Fi devices.

Just Select the wireless network from the list and enter the password to connect your laptop or any other device with router easily. The password which is also called "Wireless Network Key," can be found on the sticker on the U-Verse gateway. Now enjoy U-Verse service.

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