Guide to Activate Verizon Samsung Cell Phones


Number of Samsung phones whether of entry level or high end Omnia smartphone are offered by Verizon Wireless. You must get your Samsung phone activated, whether you are replacing the older one or buying a new one when using Verizon services. The process of activating your phone is lot quicker and quite easier.  Here are some of the steps you need to follow.

Activate Verizon Samsung Mobile Phone

Make sure to backup all of the contact saved in your phone using Verizon’s Backup assistant. There are number of ways in which you can get the software and depends on the model of your phone. To get more information, make sure to visit Verizon’s website and find the one according to your need.

Get the back cover off and take out battery of your Samsung phone. Find out the MEID and ESN numbers that  are different for every phone. Permit Verizon to link your account with your phone. Note down the numbers on piece of paper and after replacing the battery, put on the battery cover.

Under My Verizon section on the website, login to your Verizon wireless password and username. Get your numbers entered when asked, which you noted down on paper. Also enter your order number, cell number, zip code and last four digits of SSN.

On your handset, dial 228 to complete the activation process and get ready to use Verizon wireless network on your Samsung phone. 

Activation of a Verizon Samsung mobile phone is not as hard as you think. You just need to follow easy steps. Also visit comprehensive guide for Verizon phones, latest products and services along with user manual and learning videos. You can also ask your question related to Verizon or discuss in forum to get answers of your questions easily.


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