Adobe Lightroom 5 for iPad Review


Adobe Lightroom is an iPad app that allows the users to synchronize and edit the pictures non-destructively in Adobe lightroom 5 catalog. In order to use it, the user has to subscribe to either one of the programs, creative cloud or Adobe’s Photography program. It is completely free and will work on iPad 2.

Adobe Lightroom Review

It has been always a trouble for enthusiast photographers to use their tablet or phone as an editing platform. The biggest hurdle in editing photos is the support of RAW. Adobe has verified that it is pretty good at making mobile interfaces such as apps Kuler and Photoshop touch. The interface of Lightroom is no different and efficient with all the features of modern flat design on display. The photo is very well adjusted with a dark grey background. Instead of using tricky icons, the controls are showed by text. The features are not overloaded to make the UI complicated. There are very few gestures to learn for an instinctive layout.

The collection of photo appears as a list with grid interface which can be arranged according to date, flag status or other variables. On the right hand side you can add or remove pictures or simply view the slideshow of your collection. The pictures can also be added from camera roll or creating a new collection from the beginning.

Adobe Lightroom does not offer something extraordinary that other mobile apps are not offering. You can only have the basics of editing such as temperature, brightness, exposure, contrast, shadow, clarity and few more. The crop tool is provided in a separate panel with almost all of the aspect ratios and custom crop function. The settings you wish to undo can be easily done. You can also double tap the control box to reset only that setting. If you are working offline, you can continue editing your pictures but obviously you are not able to synchronize.

The disappointing thing about Lightroom is that it doesn’t give access to advance function like curves, sharpening, HSL and reduction of noise. Thought the lightroom is just a starting point and will add features in the near future after getting the reviews from the users.

One of the key features missing from Lightroom is preset syncing. The app is integrated with Adobe’s own set of presets. However, Adobe says that they are working on it to give users a feature to sync their own presets, with the updates expected soon. The users are also allowed to tap with two fingers to get the information but it doesn’t work always.  


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