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Tablets have set new standards in the field of IT and mobile computing. In the last decade, consumers were attracted towards smart phones but they are more inclined towards tabs now. A tab serves you more than a smart phone with a larger view. Tablets have almost replaced notebooks and mini laptops, as it includes all what a personal computer can offer. For its growing need, developers have worked hard and still working to facilitate consumers with interactive android apps on tablets. You can download and install various apps for your tablet that shall make lots of task very easy. Following are the 4 most desiring apps for your tablet, which can conveniently be downloaded from the play store.

Facebook – To stay connected with your friends

Being a world leader in social networking, Facebook is liked by almost every individual. It connects you with your friends and relatives; you might have missed or forgot. The Facebook app is considered more significant for students to connect with their class fellows, discuss topics and share notes. Just like Facebook, you can also find other android apps for tablets on the Play Store, e.g. twitter, g+, Insta-gram, LinkedIn etc.

Skype – instant messaging and calls on tab

Tablets are portable, and with Skype app, it can serve you a cell phone. You can easily download and install Skype app on you tablet, and get connected with your loved ones. You need to create ID and password to talk to your friends and family members living far away. To get connected with your dear ones, you can use other apps too like Viber, whatsapp, but Skype works better for tablets as it does not require a cell number to connect.

Fruit Ninja – Entertaining goes on

It’s the most downloaded android apps on tablets in the category of games. If you are a game lover and likes to pass time by playing your favorite games, then its’ made for your fingers. Fruit Ninja requires you to show your skills of cutting fruits with the hit of your fingers. In gaming you can search for more options, the one I like the most of angry birds, reckless racing and pac man. You shall also try them.

Calorie Counter Pro

Utilities like Calorie Counter Pro have also got significance in android apps on tablets. This app keeps track of calories intake. It has a backup of more than 300,000 foods along with the number of calories it possess. It’s a blessing for health conscious people. If you have a tablet, you want to know what to eat, which time then you have got solution to all your diet needs. It’s a very informative app ever developed for people who want to remain fit and healthy. 

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