Apple's Smartwatch Will Run Third-Party Apps

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We are not very far from the big event now. It is only the matter of hours now. There is a question in everyone’s mind, if Apple’s smartwatch will run third party apps?

Apple iWatch

The answer is yes, says 9to5 Mac. Apple’s most awaited iWatch is coming with support for third party app. The company’s iWatch is a new category since Steve Jobs passed away.

The expectations from this new product are really very high. The reason is that the company has been criticized a lot, after Steve Jobs, for not introducing innovative and creative products.   According to 9to5Mac, the pre-release version of the Apple SDK – Software Development Kit, for wearables has already been received by some app developers.

 Facebook is also one of those developers who received the pre-release Software Development Kit. 9to5Mac reports, “The social network is also experimenting with ways it can leverage the new Notification Center widget APIs.” 9to5Mac further clears that Apple’s new smartwatch is expected to be unveiled at the big event but its availability should be expected in start of next year. The smartwatch won’t only appeal health and fitness conscious people but it is also a symbol of style and fashion. 


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