AT&T All Set to Go 5G


John Donovan, strategy chief of AT&T, believes that the company has an edge over its rival Verizon in 5G. John Donovan was speaking at Mobile World Congress. Donovan stated, “We are in a better position because we have a fixed line proposition which is becoming much more interesting now with 5G.” And then an interesting reply came from Verizon’s spokesperson Jim Gerace, "AT&T has followed us in every turn of technology - wireless and wired - and they will again with 5G." Here it is very important to know that AT&T completed the acquisition of DirecTV in 2015 for $48.5 billion.

We can say that the intentions of AT&T are very clear. The company has more to offer than just cable television. Readers should know what they can do with 5G. It will not be wrong to say that 5G can deliver speeds 10-100 times faster than 4G LTE you are currently using. You will get speed in gigabytes not in megabytes. For instance if the speed is 1 gigabyte, it will take only three seconds to download a TV show. AT&T has plans to begin its testing at the end of 2016 in Austin, Texas. The second largest carrier wants to test 5G in labs before trying it out using fixed locations at homes and offices. For the 1st phase of 5G experiments AT&T will begin working with Ericsson and Intel.

Here it is important to remember that official standards for 5G will be released in 2018 by the global telecom industry but companies like AT&T have already begun planning test runs. AT&T strategy chief, John Donovan, also that his company will continue to oppose a proposal approved by FCC to let customers swap expensive cable boxes for affordable devices and apps. Donovan said, "We will continue to be very vocal in our opposition."

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