AT&T agrees to conditions with feds in $48.5 billion DirecTV purchase

AT&T - United States

According to ‘The Post’, AT&T has finally agreed with the feds on the conditions to buy DirecTV. It all started in the month of May when AT&T decided to buy DirecTV for $48.5 billion.

AT&T to buy Direct TV

Currently we don’t know about the conditions, if any, that Department of Justice has placed on this deal. It was decided in the last month that AT&T would buy DirecTV after regulators approval. It is also the target of federal policy to help expanding broadband access.   

According to AT&T after this deal the company will be able to upgrade further two million locations to “Gigapower” fiber connections. The company will also be able to extend its broadband service to thirteen million locations. It is expected that Department of Justice will clear the deal, in October. The deal will result in increase of twenty million new U-Verse TV service subscribers for AT&T.

Currently there are more than sixteen million homes and businesses to which AT&T is supplying fixed broadband connections. It is also being said that these kinds of mergers in the industry would result in increase in prices.   

AT&T is about to get clearance from regulators. This acquisition is also paving the way for further mergers. Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger is also expected in the near future. 


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