How to View and Pay AT&T Phone Bill Online


Learn how to view and pay your AT&T phone bills and AT&T wireless bill online. Ways to pay your bill support and step by step guide. Is it true that you are an At&t customer?, either for mobile phone or landline service and need to pay your bill? Well there are a mixed bag of choices when acknowledging paying your bill and all that is needed is that you pick the option that fits your requirements the best. You can pay through the mail, via automatic debit from your bank directly, or on the web. Any of these methods is straightforward and clear to implement, on the other hand all that is wanted is your bank account and contact information to get started.

Browse the AT&T website link bellow and find out the "Member Login" link at the right hand side of the webpage. Click in the phone number text box and enter your phone number for which you might want to pay. Enter password, but if don't have your password yet, experience the procedure of setting up and making your password for the record. Follow the onscreen directions to take you to the "Pay my bill" screen. Click on "Pay my bill" button and enter your bank account. Click "submit" button and you are done.

AT&T offers number of ways to pay your bills including Pay by smartphone or mobile device, pay online using credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa), AT&T Automatic Bill Payment (AutoPay) service, Pay at an AT&T store kiosk and Pay by mail

Call the toll free number for client assistance and tell the customer service representative that you are intrigued by paying through your bank account. Give them your bank account information and the date that you might like the cash immediately deducted from your bank account every month.

Here is final step now. Open your bill that you received from AT&T via the post office. Write a check for the amount on the bill. Mail the check in with the pay stub in the provided envelope. But if you don't want to pay via check, you just log on to your AT&T account and pay through credit card which is quite easy and simple.


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