How to Resolve AT&T Signal Booster & Wi-Fi Problems

AT&T - United States

MicroCell, a device to boost AT&T internet signals can help you to connect to the internet at workplace or home to enjoy better services of AT&T on your cellphone. However, there are number of issues that can come up when connecting to the internet such as signal booster problems, slow speed Wi-Fi and dipping of signals. There are number of ways in which you can handle these issues by restarting your connection, remaining in the range of signals and avoid using third party router.

Signal Range

The range of MicroCell device is usually 40 feet which is approximately 5000 Sq. ft. You have to stay in this range if you want the signals to be strong. For instance, if you have a big home or office or using the MicroCell within the space, it may get difficult for you to catch signals. If you find the issues with the signals, you may get another MicroCell and place it in a place where the signals get out of range.

Third-Party Modem or Router

With third party router or modem you will face number of problems if you are using MicroCell along with AT&T U-verse. While signing up for AT&T, you are provided with router and modem but somehow most of the people use third party modems or routers. These routers and modems can create number of problem to connect to the internet. It is because most of them are not compatible with AT&T services.

Reset Connection

Most of the problems can be fixed by resetting the connection. For this you need to do a power cycle. It will reconnect your services after disconnecting and make it run smoothly and swiftly. To restart the router, you need to plug out the cable for at least 10 seconds. After plugging it back, wait for all the lights to get stable. 


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