AT&T Still Throttles Unlimited Users, But Promises to Change Policy Next Year

AT&T - United States

Those who are on unlimited plan of AT&T are being throttled if they are consuming too much data each month. There were reports that the carrier has stopped throttling unlimited data users but now it looks like the reality is different. The carrier, according to latest reports, is throttling 3G as well as 4G LTE users. According to the reports, 3G users and 4G LTE users are throttled during congested periods after having consumed data over 3GB and 5GB respectively, until the next billing period. AT&T said that there will be change in the policy for all the customers sometimes in 2015.

If you are on an unlimited plan of AT&T and you are also using a lot of data in a month, your connection sometimes slows down. It is not necessary that data throttling happens when your network is congested. In fact the AT&T is deliberately throttling unlimited users in order to keep them from using more than 5GB per month. Now the second largest carrier of the nation says that they throttling policy will be changed next year. There may not be a lot of subscribers who are affected by the throttling. The reason is simple the carrier does not offer those unlimited plans now. Federal Communication Commission does not allow throttling by any carrier. FCC only allows throttling when it is absolutely necessary.


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