9 Essential Apps for Your Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Best Kindle Fire Apps: Whether you have a new Kindle Fire HDX, or some old version of Kindle Fire, this is just as useful as the applications you put on it. Here is the list of the 9 best Kindle Fire applications to help you expand your Kindle use.

Best Kindle Fire Apps

ES File Explorer

Amazon's streamlined UI makes it hard to discover files on your Kindle Fire tablet, however ES File Explorer reduces that efficiently. It totally maps your whole system if files, authorizing you to get to any and every document on your gadget.


The Kindle Fire HDX lineup fellows spiffy new front-facing cameras that deliver clear and moderately brilliant video, making Skype calls more acceptable for colleagues and friends all around. However, if you don't have a Kindle Fire with a camera, you can use the application for chatting.

Splashtop Remote

In case you're not the kind of person to sync your documents regularly, the Splashtop Remote application offers free and simple remote access to your smart phone or desktop from your Kindle Fire tablet. At the back of setting it up, you can see your computer and access your documents as long as the machine is on and linked with Wi-Fi. 

Clean Master

It's not difficult to open applications and senselessly overlook they're running in background - until your gadget start to lag or back off. Clean Master is a helpful application that offers help in assuring that this doesn't happen, even when you're not thinking of it.

Weather Live

If you have one of the new HDX models, Weather Live is the outwardly appalling weather application worthy of your HD screen. It gives the essential weather forecasts over a fresh visual reenactment that rivals an open window view.

Flashlight HD LED

The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is the main Amazon tablet with a LED glow, yet irrespective of which Kindle Fire model you have, you can use Flashlight HD LED to help light your direction. You can light up the screen - in a mixture of shades - or start the back LED flash if you have it.

Battery HD

Battery HD takes the guessing out of "How many episodes of my favorite series would I be able to watch before my battery bites the dust?" and similar important life questions.


If you have a Primary record, you have access to Amazon's wide library of videos. That said, if you haven't joined Prime or can't keep your eyes off of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9's amazing screen, Netflix is the best choice for your video streaming desires.


Evernote is an absolute need for portable note-taking. Its simple interface and various gadget syncing make it at ease to tweet drafts, have your shopping list, song lyrics, and other useful things always at your fingertips.


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