Breaking: BlackBerry 10.2 Arrives in Singapore


In the course of recent hours there has been a consistent stream of people reporting that Blackberry 10.2 has been appearing on Blackberry Q10 and Z10 devices in Singapore for those making use of Singtel. The OS people are seeing is landing as software version with the underlying OS being that of

Blackberry 10.2 in Singapore

This upgraded version has been confirmed by Blackberry and is coming in around 117mb however obviously, that is variable hinging upon your smartphone. Assuming that you're searching for a full rundown of what's new and available in Blackberry 10.2, we've assembled an exhaustive listed for all of you.

There's still no notice of when Blackberry 10.2 will be making its direction out to different regions however we're approaching the previously noted timeframe, and it having now began to appear in Singapore is a great sign it's making its way through carrier processes.

Additionally of note, this specific OS has recently leaked. In this way, you can either hold up for the official release to take off to the masses or you can just download the leak. I'm simply expression.

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