Install Software for CenturyLink High Speed Internet


Learn how to install CenturyLink software for high speed internet. A step by step guide allow internet users to install easily and quickly. If you want to access high speed internet through Centurylink's broadband service, you must associate DSL channels to every phone jack in your home that shares the same telephone line as your Internet connection. You must have a connected modem to your computer. Your Centurylink self-establishment pack includes a CenturyLink high speed software setup CD for your convenience.

Complete Step by Step instruction guide on how to connect your modem and filters are included in your CenturyLink self-installation kit


Contact the Centurylink client administration center to confirm the accessibility of Centurylink high speed Internet connection in your residential and commercial area. If the service is available, use your credit card for charging purposes. once you subscriber, pick if to have Centurylink Internet installed (one time extra charge) You can also install the service yourself using self-installation pack sent to you in three to five business days after your billing process.


Enter the Centurylink setup CD into the computer's CD drive once you get the CD kit from the service provider. The Centurylink connection establishment wizard may as well immediately start. if it doesn't, open, you can open the installer physically by clicking the "Start" menu and selecting "Computer." Right-click the "Cd-Rom" drive, then select "Autoplay."


In the next step is to follow the onscreen instructions to install the Centurylink software onto your computer. The prompts are not difficult to follow and as simple as self-explanatory step by step screens. Centrylink fast Internet works with Windows 95, 98, 2000, Xp, Vista and 7. It additionally works with MAC operating system 8.1 or higher.


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