How Can I Check My SBC Global Mail?


Yes, you can still access you SBCglobal email account with our step by step guide. After the Sbcglobal and Yahoo! merger, It was appear as AT&T Yahoo to provide email services, but numerous users were left pondering exactly how to login to their SBCglobal email and weather their Sbcglobal account was still exist. The merger didn't evacuate any email accounts. Rather it facilitate Sbcglobal email users considerably a larger number of features than before- -supplementing their existing email accounts with more enhanced Yahoo! email features.

Check SBCglobal Email Step by Step

Check SBCglobal emailIn the first step, open your favorite browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Firefox

SBCglobal email loginEnter in the address bar once the browser has loaded and click enter to load the AT&T web page and click on the "Check Email" icon on the top right side of the page.

SBCglobal account loginEnter your complete SBCglobal email, including the after your username, e.g. into the text field labeled "Yahoo! ID."

SBCglobal Yahoo EmailFinally enter your SBCglobal email account password in the text field labeled Password and click sign in button to open SBCglobal inbox to view your emails easily.

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