Chrome for Android starts answering your queries in search suggestions

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There is an experimental feature in Chrome for Android that starts answering your question as you type. You start having your questions answered before you have even finished asking.

Chrome for Android starts answering

It is really a wonderful feature that also saves your time and you are not required to type a complete question. This is actually a hidden feature in Chrome browser app for Android in which your question is answered in search suggestion list.

You should also know that you need to have the latest version of Chrome for Android in order to enable this new feature. For instance if you ask for the capital of United States of America you will not be taken to usual Google result pages. You will get the answer of your question in the suggestion list without even pressing “Go.”  In order to enable this feature go to “chrome://flags” in a new tab and enable “Answers in Suggest” option. You will not see a lot of answers in the suggestion list. But it is expected that Google will add more results very soon. Remember that this is an experimental feature and you may have some problems in seeing your desired result.

But that is not the problem these things happen with experimental features. The new feature can be seen as an interesting and valuable addition to Chrome for Android. Right know it is very difficult to say anything about its availability on desktops. Right now we can only wish that this new search feature should come to desktops as it will not only bring a lot of ease but also save time in keystrokes. 


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