Chromebook only Costs You $149


Have you ever heard of a laptop that costs less than $200? We know your answer is “No.” Actually this question is no more realistic since HP launched $199 Windows system. Is there any laptop priced at $150? You will be wrong, if you are about to say “No”. Haier and Hisense have launched $149 Chromebook. These Chromebooks will be available at Amazon and Walmart very soon.

 When you hear about a laptop priced at $149, it raises a lot of questions in your mind. You must be thinking that how is it even possible, because a 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet is also available in the same price. So when people hear about $149 Chromebook they start questioning about its performance and speed.

The fact is that the performance of any device mainly depends upon the tasks. Remember the good thing about these Chromebooks is that they run Google’s Chrome OS. Google’s Chrome OS is different from Windows in a lot ways. A laptop that runs Google’s Chrome OS, boots and shuts down in no time and they run perfectly on minimal hardware.

Chromebooks are packed with everything you may need for everyday computing and that includes Web browsing, word processing, Evernote, Netflix, Twitter etc. You do a lot of things when you are using your Android tablet. Same thing can be said about Chromebooks. As stated earlier Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. So that also means you will not be able to run Windows software. But Chromebooks are ideal for students and grandparents in many ways. In other words they are ideal for anyone who has a tight budget.

There is no big difference between the Hair and Hisense Chromebooks in terms of specs. They feature 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 1,366 x 768-pixel resolution and 2GB RAM. When we talk about runtime, Hisense and Haier promise 8.5 hours and 10 hours of runtime respectively. We know that these Chromebooks are low priced, so don’t expect a lot. You should not expect much from the speakers and remember viewing angles of these Chromebooks are mediocre. But you only have to pay $149 for a good laptop. The features these Chromebooks offer are awesome at this price. Chromebooks of Hisense and Haier are about to come and people are waiting impatiently. We will not be surprised if Windows, too, announces $150 laptop in the near future.


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