Configure a Comcast Modem to Access High Speed Internet

Comcast - United States

Learn how to Configure Comcast Modem to access high speed internet on your computer easily and quickly with our step by step guide.

After the Comcast high speed installation at your home, your can use the tools in the installation kit including the Ethernet cable, USB cable and software CD, to integrate your PC with Comcast internet. It might take few minutes to set up all the necessary things, so keep calm and sit aside 50 minutes for the Comcast modem installation setup process.

In the first step join one end of the cable to a cable outlet and connect its other end to back port of Comcast modem. Turn the close around until it is perfectly tight.  Now plug the power cord into an electrical pin hole in the back of the modem. If your modem as a power button, press it.

Now one end of the cable connect with the Ethernet port in the back side of the modem and the other end into the Ethernet port in the processor near USB port in the back side of your computer.

Now run installation CD. Take after the guidelines on the CD to install driver. and close the program after installation process completed.

Plug the one end of the USB connector into the Usb port in the backside of the Comcast modem. Plug the rectangular end of the Usb connector into an open Usb port in your computer.

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