Cool Instagram Names Ideas List


Your Instagram name is your first introduction on Instagram. So make sure that you choose a good and attractive Instagram name. You should know that an Instagram names can help other users find their the right person to follow. For instance a music lover would like to include something associated with music in his Instagram name such as words like DJ, violin, guitar, rock star etc. It is really strange that most of the instagram users don’t think like this. They just choose any name and don’t try to be creative. And the result is they end up with average profile names and they get lost in the sea of millions of other Instagram users.

In simple words you will not be noticed if there is nothing special in your instagram name or profile. You should be clear about the purpose of using your Instagram account. You need to be very careful when choosing your Instagram if you want a professional account. It is because you cannot risk using funny usernames. But your strategy of choosing an Instagram name will be different if you want to have a humorous account. So we can say that it depends on the type of account you want to have. Once you have decided the type of account you want to have, choosing a name will be easier.

Finding a cool username is not an easy task at all. There are more than five hundred million Instagram users which make the task even more difficult. But don’t you worry you can still get something you want. Following are the tips which you will surely find very helpful.

  • Extra characters such as underscores and number can be used

  • Instagram name generator can be helpful

  • Sometimes adding a noun and verb together works.

Below you can see some cool Instagram names which you can also use as ideas to create your own. Majority of the users try their favorite names, which most of the time are not available, and they get disappointed. Use the techniques given above. You can still have your favorite name just try adding extra characters, numbers. Make sure you share your favorites on social media websites.

Following are the funny Instagram names which you will surely find very helpful.

Funny Names
Smoking_Chills       NowYouDon’tSeeMe        CyclePath     SelfishPresley

Cool Names
Terminator, Batman, Striker, Attacker, Sniper,

Cute Names
Angel, Princess, Barbie, Honey, Sweetie

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