How to Connect and Login to D-LINK Wireless Router

Login Guide

To setup your D-Link remote switch you have to access its setup software utility which already programmed in the router by default. To access the switch's setup utility you have to log into the switch through your web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer. This requires physically connection between your computer and switch, or you can join remotely if the router has been previously installed. Your D-Link wireless router uses a default IP address, username and password key for logging on.

In the first step connect an Ethernet cable from one of the ports on your D-Link router to the Ethernet port on your PC. Connecting to the router through a cable is not necessary if your computer is already connected remotely to the D-Link router.

Open your Internet Explorer browser and enter "" in the address bar.

Suppose if the default IP address has changed you can find it by clicking the "Start" button, clicking "enter" to open a Command Prompt. At that point sort "ipconfig", press "Enter" and search for "Default Gateway" under the "Ethernet Adapter" section. if you are joined remotely search for "Default Gateway" under "Wireless Adapter".

"Admin is a default username so enter "admin" for the D-Link username and leave the password field blank. A few switches might use the word "admin" as a password rather. if you previously changed the secret key enter the new username and password and Click "Login" to log into your D-Link router easily and quickly.

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