Steps to Download Skype on Blackberry


Skype for Blackberry: For instant messaging and voice over IP, Skype is the most popular application since 2003. All over the world, millions of users are benefiting from this app to communicate with friends, colleagues and relatives. To download the Skype on your Blackberry, you need to go through following steps to make free Skype to Skype video calls and instant messaging easily and quickly.

Download Skype on Blackberry

Skype for Blackberry Download


Connect your phone via WIFI to internet and visit iSkoot website. Click on “Download Now”. You will be redirected to registration page where you need to give model of your phone and other relevant information. The information includes information such as phone number, Skype name and country. Now you will be given with the option to either download iSkoot on your computer or phone through email or text message. If you pick the option to download on your computer, you will need to transfer it through Bluetooth, data cable or infrared to install the app.

Sign in to your Skype account and enter your mobile phone number. After completing this process your skype contacts will be showed on screen just like it appears on personal computer. For making Skype calls you will be charged for air time and instant messaging. For making calls on regular phones instead of Skype Buddy, you will need SkypeOut Minutes.

Download WebMessenger from the WebMessenger site. You will need to register, giving your name, phone number and email ID. You also need to download WebMessenger mobile for Skype desktop plugin on the same device that you are using for Skype. The benefit of using the messenger is that it allows you to work with Yahoo, MSN, Google and AOL. For this purpose you will be charged for data time and also need SkypeOut credit if you wish to call non-skype phones. 


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