@evleak Leakes Google's Nexus 5 in White on Twitter


As-usual, once again evleaks's prediction is pretty accurate that he leaked with his tweets and there are an entire bunch of potential Google Nexus 5 purchasers who are truly trusting that he is correct once more. A tweet that he conveyed on Sunday shows a press render of the Google Nexus 5 in white. Yes, we've seen that some time recently, even on a leaked photograph of the case that the smartphone comes in.

Nexus 5 Leaked Images

There truly isn't much we don't know Google and LG's new Nexus 5 as of right now but Google "incidentally" leaked the device in the Google Play Store, giving us a $349 price tag for the base 16GB model. In case you haven't been staying aware of the Nexus 5′s from rumor gossip to genuine device, the Android 4.4 Kitkat device is said to sport a 4.95-inch display running at 1080p and a quad-center Snapdragon 800 chipset clocked at 2.3gHz. Goodness, and we should not disregard 2GB of RAM, a dynamic LTE radio, and a gently enhanced 2300mAH battery. On the whole we're taking a pretty solid update.

However of additional vitality is the tweet itself which gives a November first launch date for the white Nexus 5. For those without a calendar or excessively eager to do the math, November first is next Friday. Furthermore we might wager that the November first date will apply to the black version form of the phone as well.

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