Verizon FiOS Residential Customers will Receive Upload Speeds That Match their Download Speeds

Verizon - United States

Verizon has decided to increase the upload speeds of FiOS in order to match user’s download speed without any additional charges.

Verizon FiOS Speed Match

As compared to downloads, all the Internet service providers are offering much slower uploads. Previously Verizon’s those customers paying for 500 Mbps download speeds were getting 100 Mbps upload speed.


According FiOS, all customers will be receiving the same upload speed as the download speed they have already purchased without paying any extra charges. On Monday, an advertising campaign called “speed match” is launched by the company. Generally the Internet users are concerned about the download speed. Its main reason is that majority of Internet users are interested in streaming TV shows online. But the company also understands the increasing need of fast upload speed.

The users realize its importance while posting pictures and videos to Facebook and other social media. A normal one hour HD video takes sixteen minutes to upload when your download speed is 50 Mbps and upload speed is 25Mbps. But when the company is able to offer same download and upload speed, as it says, you will be able to upload one hour HD video in just 8 minutes.   

According to The Wall Street Journal, as FiOS subscriber growth is a little bit slow so offering faster uploads can be proved a good move for the company. Those users who like uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo will definitely be very happy to learn about Verizon’s speeds.  In order to stream 720p content, on some sites as Twitch and Ustream, you are required 2 Mbps. Soon the new speeds will be available for all Verizon customers.      


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