Flappy Bird is Now Available Only for Amazon Fire TV


Finally Dong Nguyen is back with his latest game. Flappy Birds Family. The game is only available on Amazon's App Store for Android devices including Kindle Fire TV. In our tests, we couldn't download the game on an Android phone. Generally, the new version is much like the old one, yet incorporates local multiplayer and more obstacles.

Flappy Bird for Amazon Fire TV

In meetings and tweets, Nguyen regularly got cagey when someone asked him about the large number of people around the globe suffering from the game addiction. Maybe with his most recent title, he wanted to guarantee that gamers just play in the safety of their homes. "Enjoy playing the Flappy Bird Family at home (not breaking your TV) with your family and friends," reads the game's description." An early survey says, "This variant is not as addictive as the first, and for that I am appreciative!"

On the other hand, maybe Nguyen cut a deal with Amazon to help drive Fire TV sales. The game is available for free, however incorporates no ads, apparently. Flappy Bird has effectively turned out to be a remarkable system-seller, and could unquestionably qualify as an "executioner application" to some. We may get replies to these inquiries in the coming days. Meanwhile, get that trigger-finger ready, then cross it, and trust Nguyen brings Flappy Birds Family for Android and iOS devices.


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