Easy Steps to Childproof Your Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Learn how to Make the Kindle Fire Safe for Your Kids: One of the great features of the Kindle Fire is that it’s completely integrated with Amazon’s a single click payment system.

Make the Kindle Fire Safe for Your Kids

Purchasing eBooks, streaming videos, magazine or daily paper memberships, applications, or whatever else might be accessible on Amazon is simply a useful one-click process. That is good, until your children get their hands on it and goes on shopping spree in the app store. If you have kids in your house, use these steps to childproof your Kindle Fire.

Enable Lock screen

If you need to secure your information and not allow your kids to start using your Kindle Fire in first place, set a Lock Screen Password. To do this, open the main menu screen and tap on "More" button. At that point on the Settings screen, click on Security. Now click on “turn on” Lock Screen Password. Write your password key twice to set the password. Now whenever somebody tries to open your Kindle Fire, they'll have to know your password. This is a powerful way to confirm that nobody disturbs your tablet in any case.

Enable WiFi Passcode Lock

iF you let your children USE your Kindle Fire to play GAMES or watch films, you categorically don't need them racking up a BIG credit card bill. To STOP them from having Internet access, password protect the Wifi access. To do this, go into Settings and tap Restrictions. Now on the Restrictions screen set Enable Restrictions to ON. You will be asked to give a pass key by writing it twice. After that, you will be brought once again to the Restrictions screen. Set Password Protected Wifi to ON. Without the Wifi Password, there will be no Internet access. Now when you are done this this process, whenever you need to use Wifi, simply enter in your restriction password and start surfing your internet with the Silk browser.

Install Child Protecting Applications

Install an application, like Kids Place, onto your kid's Kindle Fire to stop your children from doing anything unsafe on the gadget. This application makes a home screen that just shows applications you have allowed for your children to play. It likewise stops kids from purchasing or downloading applications and comes with a timer to lock the gadget after the amount of time you specify, making time limits for your children. You also need to change the other Parental Control Choices by going into "Quick Settings," and by selecting "More" and going into "Parental Controls." 


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