Easy Steps to Test your Internet Speed


Testing your internet speed is a significant method to find out any potential issues you may experience with your home network. Remote switches or routers, used to make Wi-Fi systems, can definitely slow down your Internet speed if they are facing breakdowns. Understanding a basic procedure for testing you transfer and download speed over a Wi-Fi system is instrumental to keeping up your home network. In this Step by Step you will learn how to test and improve your internet connection speed to improve download and upload speed easily and quickly without any hesitation.

Test Your Internet Speed (Step by Step)

Perform a speed test on Speedtest.net. Open your favorite internet program such as internet explorer or Google Chrome and navigate website "speedtest.net" . Press "Enter" to open its home page.

Now select a server because Speedtest.net required the server to test the speed.  So select a server to ping before your speed test starts. Speedtest.net approximates your position with a dynamic animated turning yellow star on the map guide of the US. Float your mouse over the star and you will have the ability to select from a list of the cities. Now select the city that is closest to you if your accurate city is not listed on the webiste.

In the next step run few tests and see the results. As a general rule, running three or more speed tests will cover any minor changes that that may happen between tests. See what Internet speeds are ensured by your ISP and compare them with your test outcomes. In the event that you use a different Internet modem connected with a wireless switch, you can additionally rerun the internet speed tests with the router bypassed and the modem straightforwardly connected with your PC or laptop to check if the router is causing a slowdown of your Internet speeds on your Wi-Fi network.

Finally Run internet speed tests on Speakeasy. You can do the same process to check your Wi-Fi speeds on different sites like speakeasy.net. Remember that Speakeasy has limited number of cities in its list from which to pick than does Speedtest.net; again simply pick the city that is closest to you is your exact city is not listed. Don't forgot to close all browsers and applications before start the speed test to get accurate results.


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