Guidelines to Install Linksys Wireless Router (Step by Step)

Linksys - United States

A famous brand of computer networking products, Linksys provides wired and wireless routers for the computers. They can be used in both home and office and the reason behind popularity of these products is high quality and plug and play settings.


Get your network connected to the router. For users who are replacing their non functional router have to connect the cable in the same way as old router. However, if you are reinstalling a new router, get it connected to WAN port on the back of Linksys to the back of your cable. Other ports can be used to connect to connect other network nodes or to other hub.


Now power down the DSL modem and then power up and make sure to do it in order as told.


Connect your computer via Ethernet cable to the port of Linksys or use PC to configure the wireless capabilities. Open any web browser and type in in address bar.


Enter “admin” in username field and “admin” in the password field. It will redirect you to the settings page. It is the place where you can customize your network as well as router configuration. Now setup a new password, set name for your network and setup network security. Every time you change any of the setting, make sure to click save setting at the bottom of the page.


Go to each tab in order to change the settings. Different Linksys have different settings page, so you have to find the following.


Home: On this page you can setup the router name and configure username and password.


Wireless: here you can rename your network or setup security preferences.


Get connected wirelessly to the new network. If you have connected the network to a wireless computer, you have to connect to the newly named network and provide appropriate network information if necessary.


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