How to Install AT&T High Speed Internet at Home or Business Location


Learn how to install AT&T internet easily and quickly with our step by step guide. A complete AT&T High Speed Internet Installer.

While you might know At&t to be a phone service provider, but the telecommunication giant also provide high speed internet to business and residential customers in United States. AT&T high speed internet installation is not as hard as you think. It is quite simple and easy. For an extra fee, AT&T will send a tech guy to your home or business location to install the AT&T internet, however that is money you can easily save by performing the installation yourself.

Install AT&T InternetFind the closest active phone jack to your AT&T Internet DSL modem's expected area. This may be a jack located near your computer.

install att internet - step2unplug any existing phone cables from the phone jack. and plug the AT&T high speed internet's adapter into the telephone jack. by doing this, you will create two telephone lines, one for existing phone and the other-one is for AT&T DSL modem.

Internet Modem installation of AT&TNow join telephone line filter into one of the two-way connector's phone data ports. and insert the phone cable into the telephone line data port.

AT&T Internet Installer KitJoin one end of the DSL modem's data cable into the unused port on the two-way connector. and similarly insert the other side of the DSL modem's data cable into the DSL modem's "Telephone" or "Tel" port.

Easy installation AT&T Modem internetNow join the other end of Ethernet cable into your computer's port. Its totally depends on which connection type your modem requires. Finally insert the DSL modem's CD into your PC's CD-Rom drive. Follow the on-screen step by step directions to complete the AT&T internet installation process.


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