How to Install Google Play Apps APK on Amazon Kindle Fire (Step by Step)

Kindle Fire

The new Kindle Fire HD from amazon is a killer Android tablet with incredible features. Yet there is an issue, it is a locked framework much the same as Apple's overpriced Devices. It is a truly pity that Amazon has made an Android tab and closed Google totally out of the system. However it’s a clever move by Amazon to keep their market share. You can install applications from Amazon App Store but that is nothing compared with the plenty of applications accessible on Google Play Store. On top of that, there is even geographical limitation for obtaining free applications. You can't install Google Play Store. Be that as it may there are molded versions of Google's own applications like Google Plus, Gmail, Blogger and so forth. You need to install Google framework and Google login first. Following are some ways to install google apps on your Kindle Fire.

Using USB connection (3 steps)

Step 1: Go to your kindle fire settings: More > Security > Allow ADB (Turn this ON) this setting is important for SnapPea to interface with your Kindle Fire HD! The old Kindle Fire (non-HD) has USB debugging authorized by default, so this step wasn't important.

Step 2: On your PC, download and install SnapPea for Windows. SnapPea is the easiest approach to handle your Kindle Fire HD from the desktop!

Step 3: Connect your Kindle Fire HD using a Micro-USB to your desktop system. Open SnapPea for Windows and it'll accordingly link with your telephone and install the SnapPea application on your Kindle (so you can begin side-loading applications). You're good to go!

Using Wi-Fi (4 steps)

Step 1: Go to your kindle fire settings: More > Device > Allow Installation of Applications (Turn this ON) this setting is essential for Snappea to install applications to your Kindle!

Step 2: Go to on your Kindle Fire and download its version for Android. Open notification bar and click to install the Snappea download file. Note: Notifications is the number icon at the upper left of the screen.

Step 3: On your desktop, download and install Snappea for Windows. Snappea is the simplest way to handle your Kindle Fire HD using the desktop!

Step 4: Open Snappea for Windows on your desktop and select "Connect Phone" and select your Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Enter the passcode specified on your Kindle Fire HD in the Snappea application. You're good to go!


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