Learn How to Install Horde Webmail on cPanel

Login Guide - United States

As we know what kind of Web hosting control panel software cPanel is?  The software comes with some clients installed already like, SquirrelMail, RoundCube and Horde. In order to complete the installation of Horde you first need to set it up with an email address and enable the auto load feature for Horde. It is very easy to do, in cPanel administration section of your website, and it will not take more than fifteen minutes.

What Do You Need?

Computer or laptop, Internet Connection and Internet browser

Step By Step Guide

First of all you are required to open your Internet browser and enter “cpanel.domain.com” in the address bar. You need to write to your domain name in the place of “domain.com.” Now in order to go to your cPanel login page, press “enter.” Type your cPanel user name and password in the username and password text fields respectively. Finally press “Login.”

In the “Mail” section, click “Email Accounts.” Now you need to set up the email you wish to use with Horde by entering your chosen user name and password in the given spaces, in the “Email Accounts.” Press “Create Account”, after selecting a quota for the address.

In the “Email Accounts” section locate the email address you have just created. In the far right column from the email account, click the “More” link and choose “Access Webmail” from the drop down menu.

Below the “Horde” icon, click the “Enable Autoload” link. Now you need to set the second options to “0” in order to have Horde load automatically, in the “Horde will automatically load after _ second(s) next time you login” option. Finally in order to confirm and complete the Horde setup process press “ok.” 


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