Apple Offering iPhone Upgrades on AT&T Next

Apple - United States

Where do you go when you want to purchase an iPhone? We know what your answer is, Apple Store. Now you are being offered the chance, by Apple’s US online store to buy your phone through an AT&T Next upgrade plan.

iPhone upgrades on AT&T Next

There is a chart available on Apple’s website that clearly shows what is the difference between the twelve and eighteen month Next plans and going with a regular contract. Now all you need to do is just go to Apple Store and play only monthly fee on top of your rate plan.

There is one thing you need to know that currently Apple is only offering the AT&T Next installment plans via its US online store. It is also being said that Apple will soon offer iPhone on Verizon’s Edge and T-Mobile’ JUMP installment plans. So in case you are an online shopper, you cannot just pick T-Mobile’s JUMP or Verizon’s Edge installment plan. In start of August the company started a pilot of T-Mobile’s JUMP and Verizon’s Edge upgrade plans in its retail stores.    

iPhone AT&T Next

With AT&T’s Next, you are not only able to pay for your iPhone monthly but you can also upgrade early if you wish. With AT&T’s Next you are able to upgrade to a new phone every year without any kind of down payment. Those signing up via Next are offered $25 off monthly service plans.

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