HTC Tablet Certified By WiFi Alliance

Do you remember the last time you saw a tablet by HTC? It is being said that HTC is all set to launch it Nexus 9 tablet. The Flounder, a tablet by HTC running Google's Android L, has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

LG Is Going To Launch A New Round-Faced Smartwatch

Couple of months ago 3 Android Wear smartwatches were introduced by Google at Google's developer conference. The star of the show was Moto 360.

Sprint Replies T-Mobile by launching new $60 Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile $60 Unlimited Data Plan: John Legere, CEO T-Mobile, is dreaming of acquiring Sprint in order to become one of the top three carriers of the country before the beginning of new year. But Sprint's new leader does not think that way.

Get Your Moto 360 Smart watch For $249.99

The wait is over as Motorola's Moto 360 smart watch has been unveiled by Best Buy. Moto 360 will cost you $249.99. We already know that Moto 360 will cost at this price. Moto 360 also has a pedometer and a heart rate sensor.

Sony's Xperia Z1S - A Phone Or A Fish

If you have accidentally dropped your costly smartphone in water, it can create a lot of problems for you. It may also cause you to start thinking about inventing a waterproof smartphone.

No Dinner for FCC's Clyburn: Says Comcast, Time Warner

Today Comcast and Time Warner decided not to sponsor dinner for Federal Communication Commission's Mignon Clyburn next month. Basically it is Kaitz Foundation that hosts dinner every year. It has been decided that this year FCC's Clyburn will be awarded with the "diversity advocate" award. Politico says that Comcast planned to spend $110k for this annual dinner, in order to earn distinction. While Time Warner Cable paid $22,000 in May to the foundation for the same event.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone Lets You Send Voice Messages

So far Facebook has not been successful in offering some features which its rival has successfully offered. But now Facebook is determined to give its users the best experience of chatting on facebook.

Metal Galaxy Alpha Arrives: Samsung Gets Rid Off Plastic

Finally Samsung's much awaited all metal smart phone Galaxy Alpha is all set to be launched next month. The Alpha measures only 6.7mm thick, having a 4.7-inch 720 pixel screen, 12mp camera, a 1860mAh battery and an Octa Core Processor.

Apple's Next Generation iPads Will Come with Anti-Reflection Displays

According to Bloomberg, Apple is ready to launch new iPhones and iPads. Bloomberg has reported that Apple is preparing to launch two iPads of different sizes.

HTC's Desire 816 phone is about to hit US market on August 12, 2014

If you feel yourself attracted to HTC's Desire 816 you don't need an importer to get you one in the US. The reason is that now you can have your favorite Desire 816, 5.5 inch Android phone, on August 12, for $299

Now With T-Mobile's App You Can Unlock Your Phone

Now cell phone unlocking has been officially approved by United States government. It means that unlocking a cell phone will not remain an issue anymore. Now you are not required to talk with company's customer services representative to get your phone unlocked. With T-Mobile's new app you can unlock your phone yourself. There is one problem that this app is available on the Samsung Galaxy Avant only.

AMD Getting Prepared to Enter the SSD Business

AMD is making a lot computer component, so it is very strange to know that the company has not yet explored the solid-state drive space. The good news is that this fact is going to change very soon. AMD is finally prepared to enter into the business of making solid-state drives.

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