Sprint Signs Contract with Alcatel-Lucent for 2.5GHz 4G LTE Deployment in the United States

Sprint Acquired 2.5 GHz spectrum in the U.S for its new ultra-broadband TDD LTE mobile access network. The company selected Alcatel-Lucent for this purpose to make this innovative expansion possible in United States.

Claim Forms Sent Out to Apple Class Members for iPad 3G Unlimited Data Lawsuit

On Wednesday, Data Plan Settlement Claim Forms were dispersed through an email to original iPad 3G customers who ordered 3G-empowered iPad before June 7, 2010

NZ Telecom, Vodafone Grab Rights to 700 MHz 4G Spectrum

Telecom New Zealand and Vodafone have grabbed the majority part of administration rights to the nation's 700 megahertz range as competition heats up to bring high speed 4G broadband internet services to rural area customers.

Sprint Loses 360,000 Postpaid Customers: Announced $398 Million Net Loss in Q3 2013

Sprint reported decline in third-quarter revenue. AT&T and Verizon disclosed their 3rd quarter 2013 revenue report prior this month, and early today Sprint announces its numbers. The Now Network today reported its Q3 2013 profit, reporting that it lost 360,000 postpaid users

AT&T Resolved U-verse Service Blackout

AT&T has resolved the U-Verse service blackout that disturbed a few clients across the country. AT&T said the blackout of U-verse Internet

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Curvaceously-Designed Samsung Galaxy Round Ad Compares its phone to Avocados, Russian Dolls (Video)

Samsung's Galaxy Round Ad:- How Incongruous is it that on the day that LG launches its curved LG Flex smartphone, we promptly reveal to you a TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy Round? and limited number of units for both models

@evleak Leakes Google's Nexus 5 in White on Twitter

There truly isn't much we don't know Google and LG's new Nexus 5 as of right now but Google "incidentally" leaked the device in the Google Play Store, giving us a $349 price tag for the base 16GB model.

AT&T Announces to Hire More Than 100 Workers In North Carolina

AT&T has reported the organization is employing workers for more than 100 jobs in North Carolina To Keep Up With Network Expansion, Service Demand. The openings are mostly for the professionals

With 1 Million New Customers, AT&T's $32.2B Third Quarter Revinew Beats Wallstreet Expectations

Chief Financial Officer John Stephens, speeking on a meeting on Wednesday, recognized that the organization was facing pressure on the features phone side of the business, with many money savvy people searching for alternatives.

T-Mobile HTC One Phone's Android 4.3 Update Delayed.

At this point, HTC One owner on T-Mobile should have Android 4.3 up and running, however the late Jelly Bean upgrade has been delayed until one week from now.

T-Mobile, Finally Decided to Shutdown its Old Grandfathered Plans in November

T-Mobile has confirmed that the company is going to retire its old grandfathered plans over to its new 'Uncarrier' options in November, according to a press release.

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