Top 3 Educational Android Apps to Learn Something New


Summer is over and now it is time to get ready to go to school. The following apps will definitely appeal you even if you are not a school going kid. Anybody can use these apps in order to learn new things.


TED has very successfully made its place all around the world. TED was able to do so because of its powerful and attractive talks, covering issues from technology to manufacturing medicine, sociology, business and a lot more. It is better to say that these talks are not educational in the conventional sense of the term. Actually they look like stories, not lectures, delivered by teachers in the classrooms. Each talk will leave you with better understanding of the subject matter. With TED talks I was able to understand the political system of China. I really appreciate the difference between faith and extremism.

With the TED Android app you can have access to all the talks of website organized by tags and popularity. With each talk there is an information card throwing some light on the topic and saying a few words about the speaker. You can also share, stream and download these talks very easily. These talks also direct you to similar talks in Watch Next section. You can also turn on subtitles.


Cousera is another free website covering more than six hundred subjects, i.e. medical, engineering, business, law, sociology, mathematics and much more. It mainly emphasizes on computer courses. The course is very well designed by some expert. It takes more than a few weeks to cover a course. Videos and related reading material is also provided in these courses. And then there are also quizzes for you.  

Like many other app on this list you can also download videos from Coursera. Once you have downloaded these videos you can watch them whenever you get time from your busy schedule. It will be a fun watching these videos.  All you have to do is you have to have Coursera account if you want to have access to its content. You need to remember that your Google account will not work here. But there is nothing to worry about because it will open new doors of knowledge to you. I would like to learn something about sociology.

Some of you might be asking themselves that what difference between Lynda and Coursera is. In fact Lynda brings you high quality material. The courses which are offered by Lynda are well organized. There are one to two hour long videos of each course. A list of related courses and author’s biography is also provided.

There are some videos which are made available for free. You can check those videos to make your mind not only about the course but also about the teacher teaching that course. If you are interested in any course the membership will cost you $25 per month. You can enjoy watching the full course without any kind of interruption only if you have bought the membership.  There are a few things that membership gives you, transcripts and certificates. The membership also lets you create your own video playlist.  It is true that some of the users may find Lynda a bit expensive. But you should also compare the price with what it offers you in return. Only then you would be able to realize that whatever you pay is ultimately justified.


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