Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tablet Review


Lenovo ThinkPad 8 is out there with an 8 inch screen running on Windows 8 operating system. This tablet is good for those who want to have complete window system in their little gadget. It is a big solution in small device. It comes with a black matte glass on the front and LED on the back of logo. ThinkPad has a comfortable and superb feel with its best design out of all windows tablet. The device resembles a little longer than iPad Mini. It weighs about 0.95 pounds with dimensions of 5.19X8.83 inches with a thickness of just 0.35mm. The tablet carries little more weight than iPad Retina but same as that of Dell Venue 8 Pro.

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Review

On the front display a touch sensitive button with a windows logo is integrated to go back to title mode. Power button and volume button are integrated on the top right edge of the side. The headphone port can be seen on the middle of the lower edge while the HDMI port and micro SD are the only other ports available. It can support USB 3.0 via Micro USB port to transfer files from computer to the device as well as charging.

The best feature of ThinkPad 8 is the display of 8.3 inch with a resolution of 19201200. Colors are vivid and bright and screen quality is superb. The screen can support 10 finger multi touch with an extra wide aspect ratio 16:9. It is better for watching high definition movies. The web browsing and reading book on this device is fantastic.

Playing games on this device will give you a feel of virtual reality with the sound that gets out of the device from speakers on the front. However, you can accidentally cover the speakers with your fingers which may lower the sound.

The camera on back 8MP and front 2MP are able to shoot 1080p video which is better than expected. The quality of pictures is above average and front camera really delivers the quality video. There is no stylus included as it was seen with Dell Venue Pro 8. The ThinkPad 8 has no option to add keyboard. The HDMI cable is good for watching movies on a bigger screen. You can easily plu and play your movies on large LCD monitor or television.

Overall the ThinkPad 8 is made for the people who want to play games, watch movies on Netflix or read books. With accessories and ad-on it will give you the feel of home PC and ThinkPad will surely meet your expectations as a handy and portable tablet. 


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