Learn How to Log In to Google Webmail Via a Third Party

Login Guide

Now even without opening your browser third party email applications let you check your Google webmail. Thanks to the application you can have all the recent messages downloaded to your desktop. Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird are the preferred desktop email applications.

Checking multiple email accounts is made easy by these application i.e. you are able to check your office or family email at the same time. In this way the whole procedure of checking email is made very simple and easy. It must be well configured, before you start sending and reading email through a third party application. Depending on the email client configuration may vary.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Open your email account and select “add account” in order to add a new account. Depending on the email account you are using the location and naming of this option will vary.

  2. Choose “IMAP.”

  3. Here you need to enter your complete Google mail email address i.e. hellodear@gmail.com, and type your password in the field.

  4. Type “imap.gmail.com” and “smtp.gmail.com” as the incoming and outgoing server names respectively.

  5. In the “advanced properties”, enable the option “This Server Requires a Secure Connection.” Now you need to set the outgoing and the incoming ports to “465” and “993” respectively and then enable “My Server Requires Authentication.”

  6. In order to save the settings click “ok or Apply.”In order to download your Google webmail via the email application, select the option to download new mail


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